Welcome to the Mason Street Grill Blog!

Welcome to the official blog for Mason Street Grill!  We’re happy you checked us out.

We will be sharing exclusive information about upcoming events, menu specials, recipes, jazz performances and Sommelier-selected wines.  We’ll be posting often, so be sure to check in regularly. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas by leaving us comments.


  1. Michael & Chris Coleman says:

    My wife and I were staying at the Pfister last Saturday, January 21, 2012, the day of the broken cold water main flood!!! After a series of difficulties associated with the water problem, we were looking forward to a nice dinner at the Mason Street Grill. Upon arrival, we were 15 minutes early, we were told that we would be seated closer to our reservation time of 8:15 PM. Fine, we went to the bar and had a drink. At a quarter of nine, we were beginning to think that we had been forgotten, so my wife checked with the hostess who told her that we did not have a reservation!!! That, on top of everything else that day, just about put us over the edge. However, to the rescue came your assistant manager, Bradley Wooten. At this point, our entire evening changed for the better. He took charge of the situation, and assured us that we would be having a special dining experience with him that evening. He not only seated us but handled our table exclusively from drinks and appetizers through desserts. We would like you to know that the food and his service were absolutely wonderful. Bradley was courteous and gracious in every way. He even went so far as to bring our your pastry chef and introduced her to us. At the end of this exquisite culinary experience, Bradley informed us that there would be no cherge for this meal. This was way above and beyond anything that we would have expected, and after arguing with Bradley about this, we gave in and graciously accepted his gesture. Although we want you to know that we did enjoy a delicious dinner and we will definitely return to your restaurant, the highlight of our entire evening was Bradley. We cannot thank him enough. Thank you.

  2. Meghan Miller says:

    Hey there, just a thought; you guys should do a ‘ask Chef’ section on here similar to the one done before (cooking with chef) where people ask cooking questions.
    For example: After going to your celebrated chefs series I now understand I shouldn’t fry with olive oil because it easily burns, but is there a recommended oil that I should use and what brand?

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